Our company’s roots and main office are in the United States’ Pacific Northwest. Action Training Systems was founded in Vancouver, WA., in 1988 and relocated in 2002 to Poulsbo, WA., on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound region.

We are a media development company involved in content creation, production, post production and content management of our own media programs.

Our focus is providing superior training programs for emergency responders in both the private and public sector. We started out with linear programs on VHS as companion products to written manuals and have branched out to include Online interactive courses, streaming video and DVDs.

Providing training programs at all levels makes us effective at program delivery regardless of your training style or needs.

Fire Service Training, Emergency Medical Training and Industrial Fire Training

We maintain a writing and production staff along with a long list of technical advisors and consultants. Production consists of content design and writing, field production, digital video editing, graphics, audio and course authoring. In addition to these in-house production facilities, we have a staff of expert training consultants to help with your training needs. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you overcome the challenges of training our public and private sector first responders.

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