Content Is King 

There is an increasing number of companies producing training for Fire and EMS organizations, but for 30 years we have always delivered well regarded and award-winning content. After all, the safety of your crew and our community depends on it. We also want to be sure you have efficient delivery methods, but we will not cut corners when it comes to the quality of training you receive. Our production team works with industry-leading experts to assure that our content is accurate and create visuals that reflect real-life emergency scenarios. Our goal is to create engaging resources to help your learners fully comprehend the course material. Purchasing training from ATS is an investment in the safety of your team and your community for years to come.

Comprehensive Training
We offer over 200 Fire and EMS training programs. Our programs are designed to be used as instructor resources in and out of the classroom. Each course thoroughly covers a distinct set of learning objectives with high-quality visual examples. For example, our EMT training series has 27 titles, each of the videos run between 17 and 28 minutes, short enough to hold learners attention, but also long enough to cover necessary information. Interactive courses take approximately 1 hour to complete. The courses contain the same video content as the DVD but also include interactive questions, chapter quizzes, and final exams.

We have multiple options to meet your needs.

Interactive Online Training

Our Online interactive courses are a great independent learning tool because learners can simply log in, watch the video segments and then answer a series of questions for each learning objective. This type of learning is proven to increase learner comprehension which will ultimately help your learners prepare for hands-on training and real-life incidents. Instructors can assign courses to learners and learners can log in anytime to take their courses. The learner will receive a completion certificate upon completing a course.

Online Streaming Video and DVDs

Our streaming videos and DVDs are valuable tools for instructor-led classroom training. They are great when used with other training resources such as manuals and PowerPoint presentations. The content is the same with either delivery method, now you have options of how you would like to access it. With online streaming video, you can easily have your learner(s) login and view the video in preparation for an upcoming class or use it for recurrent training.


We have developed a corresponding PowerPoint presentation for each training series as an additional resource for instructors to use. These are available both online or we can send you a hard copy on a flash drive.


ATS has partnered with some of the largest publishers in the emergency response industry such as Pearson Education and the International Fires Service Training Association/Fire Protection Publications (IFSTA/FPP). We have corresponding manuals available for each of our training series.

Current, Up-to-Date Training
All of our training teaches to recognized standards such as the National Fire Protection Association codes (NFPA) for fire department and fire brigade training and the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standard (NEMSES) for our Emergency Medical Services training.

Learning Anywhere
ATS online training can be accessed anywhere it is convenient, with a broadband internet connection, for the instructor and learner. Programs can be viewed in a classroom learning environment or learners can also access material on their own to prepare for classroom and hands-on training.

Cost Effective Training
We don't want the price to be an issue when it comes to something as important as training. There are a variety of options available to meet your training needs and budget. We offer 1 to 3-year term subscriptions for our online platform and one-time fee purchase for DVDs. We also have a number of training packages available at a discount that includes other training resources such as PowerPoints, question files, and manuals.