“We like the training that ATS provides. We have successfully used it in our county for new recruits for about 5 years now. They simply watch the modules and take quizzes and test. Every 2 weeks at least we get them together to practices or learn the hands on portion. We have well over a 90% pass rate when they challenge the State of Michigan Firefighter Training Council exam.”

Martin W. Erskine – Battalion Chief

City of Battle Creek Fire Department - Battle Creek, MI

ATS Online Training is working great for us. We couldn't ask for better EMT training courses.

Brad Simpson  -Emergency Services Technician

Motiva Enterprises LLC - Norco Refinery - Norco, LA

I want to thank you and the personnel, of Action Training Systems. For the past three years we of Mason Fire District have used your programs to raise the awareness and skills of our Firefighters and are now reaping the rewards. Your well thought out and informative programs have resulted in a demonstrably improved Department.

This was proven in our recent elevation from a WSRB ratting of 8/0 to a vastly improved ratting of 7A/7A. Our return in monetary savings by home owners in our District, on their insurance bill, has been reported between $250.00 and $650.00. We can show to our constituents, in real savings, that we care about them and not just in time of crisis.

The improvement in our department from "Volunteer Fire Club" to a Volunteer professional Fire District can be tracked through the records your program provides as well as the positive comments from other departments with which we associate. The ability to pre assign training and have members arrive at training ready to accomplish skills associated with those modules have almost doubled our training effectiveness as well as created a more individualized training program. The classes are well thought out and easily apply to our department. I can see use of your materials for many years to come.

David Hopkins
Training Officer Mason Fire District 17

"The Action Training program is extremely comprehensive and as simple and accommodating
as it gets for firefighters and users that need the flexibility to achieve any aspect of training desired.
Very straight forward from logging on to tracking the progress of each firefighter.

As a Fire Chief I personally appreciate viewing our Firefighter progress and at the same
time reviewing topics on a regular basis to refresh my personal knowledge and keep up with
the latest firefighting techniques I may have missed. As each individual may have different goals
in life or the firefighting industry, the Action Training program has been beneficial for my upcoming
goal of Master Firefighter and an extremely valuable tool for identifying and producing those truly
valuable individual leaders, and future leaders, within our department.

We utilized the outstanding Texas Forest Grant opportunity to obtain a thorough Fire
Department Library with the addition of the Online Computer Based training available from Action
Training. I don't believe there is a better combination or progressive set of individual firefighter
training tools that can be made available to any level of Firefighter."

                                      Stan Wiggins - Fire Chief, Columbia Lakes VFD, West Columbia, TX

"We have been using Action Training Systems for 6 months now and find it to be an extremely valuable addition to our training program. It has provided our firefighters with an online tool that is comprehensive and challenging with 24/7 accessibility. It has allowed us to focus more on our practical training knowing the theoretical portion has been taken of through the ATS online modules. The technical support we have received from ATS has been excellent and any issues that have come up have been resolved in a timely manner. Overall a fantastic product!"


Paul Hutt - Director of Emergency and Protective Services - North Grenville Fire Service, Kemptville ON