Guest Blog wirtten for ATS by Robert Avsec Allow me to begin by saying that this article is not focused on treating any individual who is having negative responses to post traumatic stress (PTS), especially those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those folks need the treatment and guidance of mental health professionals and others far more knowledgeable on the subject. Many people have many opinions about why fire and EMS personnel are being exposed to more on-the-job stress (career or volunteer, you’re still on the job when providing service), but there seems to be general agreement that they are. So, if we know that stress is to be expected, shouldn’t we prepare ourselves to minimize the risk? We know the risks involved in
Guest blog written for ATS by Robert Avsec In our previous article, The Effects of Stress on Our Brain and Body, we discussed how the brain processes and responds to stress and the resultant effects on our mind, behaviors, emotions, and our body. In this article, we'll discuss some of the stressors that exist for firefighters and how identifying the sources of our stress are an important step in learning to cope with on-the-job stress in a more healthy way. Firefighter Suicides In a February 2016 posting, Aljaze