Guest blog written for ATS by Robert Avsec On-line training and education. Buzzwords in today's fire service training circles. Fire departments, large and small, are leaping into the on-line training and education "pool" as a solution for their every-changing training and education needs for their members. Training and Educational Needs Many fire departments across the U.S. and Canada struggle with meeting their training and educational needs because of many factors such as, but not limited to:• A body of knowledge that keeps expanding for the multitude of services that
Guest Blog written by Robert Avsec for Action Training Systems The training and development of its people is one of the critical functions that any fire department must conduct. Without good entry-level training and continued training of its incumbent staff, a fire department will be hard-pressed to deliver high quality emergency services in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.The challenges in delivering that training are greater than ever before. Reductions in funding for training, reductions in available instructors, and increased training requirements are just a few of those challenges that fire department leaders face.The good news is that all training and development does not have to originate with the Training Division. Individual officers within the
Firefighters just starting their careers and experienced firefighters alike can broaden their abilities and hone their skills through the ATS Firefighter Training programs. The multimedia learning platforms provided by ATS offer a unique method for teaching new principles and reinforcing proven concepts in all aspects of firefighting. ATS steaming videos and online interactive courses are ideal for instructors seeking to offer more information to supplement an existing curriculum and students wanting to increase the depth of their learning. The multimedia platform allows students to work at their own pace and on their own time, in or out of a structured classroom. This On-demand style of training makes classroom and hands-on training more efficient and also increases learner comprehension. The Fire Service Training courses take students through the concepts of fire behavior and control, ropes, ladders and all the way through advanced ventilati