Firefighters and medics working at the scene of a motor vehicle crash (MVC) are increasingly being exposed to the risk of becoming the victim of a secondary crash. We regularly see instances where first-responders are killed or seriously injured, or their apparatus destroyed, by the reckless actions of inattentive or distracted drivers. The situation for potential disaster is only exacerbated with more individuals with more technology in their care, traveling over poorly maintained roads and highways in many areas of the country. One of the most important responsibilities for fire officers and firefighters alike is recognizing and managing risks. Working a MVC in today's world is a high-frequency and high-risk activity. Make sure that you and your people are prepared every day using the following infor
Online Fire Training That Turns Up The Heat While it might not look like it, fire is all around us. From the pilot light in a water heater to the gas lines in an oven, we use it every day. The potential for fires to run out of control is also there, from electrical malfunctions to dropped cigarettes, it's possible that fires can consume homes, neighborhoods, and even forests. That's why it's important for the next generation of firefighters to have cutting-edge insight into how to best put fires under their collective boot heels. Online Fire Training While raging fires might be one of the oldest threats people have had to contend with, new technology lets us study them in a new way. Action Training Systems Online allows students to log on to gain access to videos, int
Top 10 Reasons you know you need our Firefighter and/or EMS training. You’ve been appointed training officer and your Captain just informed you that your budget has been cut in half. You’re responsible to provide quality competency-based training that can be measured and you have no idea where to start. Your students are falling asleep during their online training programs, so you need to engage them wit
Firefighters must be trained for so much more than fire fighting. As public servants on the front lines, firefighters are often the first on the scene for any number of cataclysmic events. One of the most common incidents that firefighting professionals encounter is car accidents; unfortunately, some of these accidents will require that victims be extricated from their vehicles. It is precisely such cases that call for the expertise only found in those who have successfully completed vehicle extrication training. Every accident has its own characteristics. The vehicle's make and model, the accident's location, the position of the vehicle, and the severity of the victim's injuries are just som