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Vehicle Extrication Training From Action Training Systems

One of the most common scenes emergency personnel will be called to are traffic accidents. There are tens of millions of traffic accidents every year in the U.S. alone according to the Census Bureau, and at least some of those accidents are going to result in someone trapped inside of a vehicle. That's why it's imperative that first responders know what to do in these time sensitive situations.

Vehicle Extrication Training From Action Training Systems

While there's no substitute for hands-on experience, high quality online training will prepare emergency responders for classroom training and ultimately for real life incidents. Id...

Online Fire Training That Turns Up The Heat

FireWhile it might not look like it, fire is all around us. From the pilot light in a water heater to the gas lines in an oven, we use it every day. The potential for fires to run out of control is also there, from electrical malfunctions to dropped cigarettes, it's possible that fires can consume homes, neighborhoods, and even forests.

That's why it's important for the next generation of firefighters to have cutting-edge insight into how to best put fires under their collective boot heels.

Online Fire Training

While raging fires mi...

Online learning is HOT and for a very good reason. Many departments and organizations around the world are turning to online training/learning as a way to decrease costs and improve the learners performance. Also, unlike a one-time classroom session, the online learning course is available to be accessed anywhere and can be reviewed a number of times to enhance the learners comprehension.

Many fire departments and EMS organizations are turning to online learning as a means to supplement their classroom training. Now, it is very important you understand that online training is not meant to replace hands on training, but simply be used as a tool to train students in addition to hands on and classroom learning. You can easily have your students login in from home and review or st...

We are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded Aurora awards for our new Infection Control & Prevention Series as well as our Vehicle Extrication series.

The Aurora Awards is an international competition designed to recognize excellence in the film and video industries. It specifically targets products, programs and commercials that would not normally have the opportunity to compete on a national level, by focusing on non-national commercials, regional or special interest entertainment and corporate sponsored film and video. Entries have come from across the US, and abroad (such as Russia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and Mexico).

Action Training Systems 3-title

  1. Failure to read the program guidance

  2. Failure to take advantage of the help desk or the get ready guides
    Help Desk Phone number is 866.247.0960

  3. Failure to proof read your application, do not insert place holders in the application

  4. Inserting false numbers or inforation into your application. Make sure all info is correct
    You are responsible for all information in your grant, even if it is entered by a grant writer

  5. Be weary of template narratives. The reviewers want to hear "your" story.

  6. Don’t use brand names of products bu...

Do you need money for your fire training program?

Although the 2012 Grant period is not open yet, we wanted to get you thinking about and preparing for the upcoming year's AFG grant application period.

Below are a list of Top 10 Best Pratices as stated in the FEMA grant semiar at FDIC 2012

  1. Start preparing early & read the 2012 program guidance

  2. Align your departments “needs” assessment with current funding priorities

  3. Tell your departments story

  4. Read each question carefully, then answer the question

  5. Have the application read by someone else before submitting

  6. Submit your application befor...

“BURN” Documentary Spotlights Abandoned Building Controversy

The documentary that many believed would never be finished finally premiered this week.

BURN: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit first premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Tuesday with more film dates scheduled throughout the week.

The newest trailer for the documentary recently played at FDIC, where Director/Producers Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez lea...

Are you discouraged because your 2011 AFG training request was denied?
Don’t give up! Grant funding for training projects is not dead.

Many fire departments are frustrated that they were not awarded a training grant for 2011 and may not apply for training this year, or not apply at all. If your department has a training, equipment or apparatus need, we urge you to keep trying!

Action Training Systems has some tips to help you successfully ask for training in 2012.

Make sure your training request matches the grant priorities.

The 2011 AFG Program Guidance for training states: “In implementing the fire service’s recommendations concerning AFG, DHS has determined that the most benefit is derived...

Adventures in Moulage

Our mission at ATS has always been to provide the best training experience for emergency responders. Sometimes this also allows us the opportunity to add a little drama and realism through the use of moulage.

ATS Cameraman Sjon Johnson, self-taught moulage artist applies a thermal burn to actor Evan.

Moulage, a French word meaning “mold” or “model,” is most commonly used to simulate injuries or deformities for EMS and other emergency response training. Many fire department and EMS agencies will use moulage to set the scene for assessing and managing trauma. Our first EMS series, Emergency Medical Responder, gave AT...

As most of you with a recent CPR certification know, the American Heart Association released some important changes to the 2010 Guidelines for CPR and ECC. The AHA reevaluates these guidelines every five years based on new peer-reviewed evidence in resuscitation studies to ensure the best techniques are used.