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Can competency-based Fire/EMS training be achieved on a budget?

Time and time again we hear there is an increasing need for quality training for emergency responders, but budgets are being cut and departments and organizations have to consider layoffs.

Is there an option to reduce the amount spent on training without compromising the quality of the training provided?

I think before answering that question, the comment must be made that you cannot put a price tag on the value of

Provide a Constructive Learning Environment

The best way to create a successful lesson plan is to organize and rehearse your material well before the class. The learning environment you create will affect your students' success, so it is important that you prepare your lessons with these ideas in mind.

  • Create a learning environment based on mutual respect, shared vision, two-way communication, group discussion and reflection.

  • Support students in taking ownership of their learning experience.

  • Provide access to resources and tools that encourage self-assessment and test their competency in group settings both in

Top 10 Reasons you know you need our Firefighter and/or EMS training.

  1. You’ve been appointed training officer and your Captain just informed you that your budget has been cut in half.

  2. You’re responsible to provide quality competen...

Give your firefighting training program an edge with multimedia and online supplemental courses from ATS. Through a combination of online fire training programs, DVDs, manuals and PowerPoint presentations, your instructors have a variety of delivery methods from which to choose.

Firefighter safety training and fire department job training have been the focus of our programs for over 26 years, and cover topics that include:

Online EMS Training from ATS provides instructors with high-quality and engaging multimedia learning tools to accompany classroom teachings or for students to use outside the classroom. The online EMS programs are also excellent resources for use as tests and knowledge-checks as students progress through their coursework. Developed in accordance with national protocols and healthcare industry standards, these courses present students with realistic situations which builds knowledge and on-scene confidence.


Anyone tasked with teaching EMS training has a big job ahead of them due to the sheer amount of information they need to relate to their students. One of the best ways to get access to everything you need for an EMS training course is to make use of modern technology. Here are a few modern approaches that can help any modern EMS trainer.

Online I...

When it comes to training new recruits, it can get easy to work yourself into a routine that doesn't seem to be as effective as it was when you first started. Even in the last five years, fire training has changed dramatically, so it might be time to brush up on your skills so that you are offering your crew the tools they need to be successful in their new positions. Whether you're looking for an online fire training course, or you're just interested in how to use your time more wisely in the classroom, we're confident that we can help you be more effective in your training techniques.

Tip #1: Spend a significant amount of time teaching strategic planning

The most important work that can be done when there is a fire is an effective pla...

Firefighters just starting their careers and experienced firefighters alike can broaden their abilities and hone their skills through the ATS Firefighter Training programs. The multimedia learning platforms provided by ATS offer a unique method for teaching new principles and reinforcing proven concepts in all aspects of firefighting.

ATS steaming videos and online interactive courses are ideal for instructors seeking to offer more information to supplement an existing curriculum and students wanting to increase the depth of their learning. The multimedia platform allows students to work at their own pace and on their own time, in or out of a structured classroom. This On-demand style of training makes classroom and hands-on training more efficient and al...

Nicole Avila, daughter of George Avila (President/CEO Action Training Systems) has been on the fast track when it comes to accomplishing her goals. Her early graduation comes as no surprise as she has always set her standards above many others her age. Nicole knew she wanted a career in emergency services field since she was sixteen. Her passion was initially sparked while taking athletic medicine and anatomy courses her sophomore year of high school. Her enthusiasm drove her to apply to the running start program at her high school and to graduate at eighteen with her Associate of Arts degree.

Nicole said that the defining event was the summer before her senior year. She applied to attend Camp Blaze. This is a week-long camp held in different parts of the county and is designed ...


Determining if your AFG request is eligible for funding By Steve Meyer

One of the major hurdles in developing a successful AFG application is to determine what is a need verses what is a want? What a fire department sees as a need may not necessarily be viewed as a need by the AFG system or an AFG evaluator.

Having worked on nearly a thousand AFG grants in the history of the program, I feel that I have a reasonably sound idea of what is viewed as a legitimate need and something that is eligible for funding. Following are some general guidelines about what has a chance of getting funded and what does based on my experiences and observations.

Legitimate Needs: