The FY 2016 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) Application Period Opens Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 8 A.M. ET and Closes on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 5 PM ET

Regarding training in the 2016 AFG program and Action Training Systems (ATS) training materials

  • AFG will fund online training materials
    So, whichever fits your department training the best, Action Training Online Courses or DVDs, either format is fundable

  • A bright spot in the AFG process has been micro grants
    If you have a project that requires a federal share of less than $25,000, this category of funding deserves a long and hard look.

From the FY 2016 AFG Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)      

Micro Grants: The selection of the voluntary Micro Grant option (cumulative federal participation of $25,000), for eligible
Operations and Safety activities, does not impact an applicant’s request or federal participation under the Vehicle Acquisition
or Regional projects. Applicants that select Micro Grants as a funding opportunity choice may receive additional consideration for award.

  • In 2016 almost half of the micro grant requests went to peer review
    Many applications never make it to peer review, being eliminated by the electronic scoring process
    • AFG applications are reviewed through a multi-phase process
      • First electronically pre- scored and ranked
      • Then scored competitively by (no less than three) members of the Peer Panel Review process

Requesting a micro grant does not guarantee getting an award but it can up the odds that your application will get past
the electronic scoring phase and make it to the peer review.

  • ATS has some great online training options (see below) that come in under the $25K threshold and line up with grant priorities
      • Fire Department, Regional, and State Fire Training Academy Training Priorities
        Highest Priority:
        • Training evaluated using national or state standards
        • Training that brings a department into compliance with recommended NFPA or other national standards
          ATS course teach to current NFPA standards
        • Instructor led training that requires student testing to demonstrate academic competence or practical proficiency
          ATS courses are designed to be used as part of a program of instruction overseen by a certified instructor
        • Training that benefits the highest percentage of applicable personnel, such as the hazardous materials training within a fire department or training that will be open to other eligible organizations


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