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Frequently Asked Questions

Review questions for answers to the most common questions regarding our products, but don’t hesitate to call us if you can’t find your answer!

Q - Where do I go to login to ATS Online as a learner or Admin?

A – Go here https://www.actiontrainingonline.com. After you login we strongly encourage you to “bookmark” this in your browser you will be using to take courses on.

Q - What happens if I forgot my ATS Online password?

A – Use the “forgot password” on the sign in pages.

Q - I completed a course on ATS Online, but it is not showing as completed on my transcript

A – First and foremost email our support team at support@action-training.com your name, department, course taken, and score. We can manually apply the score on your behalf. If you have a screenshot please include it in your email.

Now there are many reasons this can happen.

  1. Your internet connection – slow connection, intermittent signal, weak signal from Wifi or cell provider, transitioning from one cell tower to another or from Wifi to cell.
  2. Web browser – ATS recommends using the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on any device you take our interactive courses on. We discourage using any other browsers when taking our courses.
  3. Leaving a course open – especially on a mobile device. The course timeout screen may appear behind the main screen and you won’t see it and continue to take the course only to have it expired. If you need to leave anytime during a course please click the Red X on the top right side of the course to exit. The system will remember where you exited the course and allow to resume where you exited or start over from the beginning of the course.
  4. It is recommended – you take the courses on a PC laptop or desktop using one of the browsers listed above.
  5. Firewall – a corporate or municipal firewall my block portions if not all of a course. See your IT administrator to resolve the issue.
Q - How do I toggle between my admin and learner accounts on ATS Online?

A – On the Learner Dashboard click on the 3 red menu bars in the top right corner of the screen –

Next select Admin –

If you are on the Admin Side and want to switch to the Learner side click on settings in the top right corner and select Learner Side –

Q - How do I add a new learner on to our ATS Online account?

A – Use the enrollment key or the information provided to you in the welcome letter the admin would have received at the beginning of the subscription period. It will have the Key Name you need to use on the sign up page.

Q - Are ATS EMS Interactive Courses CAPCE Accredited?

A – Yes, Action Training Systems is a CAPCE accredited organization. All of Action Training Systems EMS Interactive Courses are CAPCE accredited for 1 hour CE. Action Training Systems reports to CAPCE by 10th of every month with the previous month’s results.

Q - Do ATS Online Interactive Courses qualify as 1 hour of CE?

A – Yes, all of the ATS Online Interactive Courses qualify as 1 hour of CE. They are all designed to take about an hour to complete. Please consult your SOG, local, and/or state guidelines to verify if online training is an accepted method of training.

Q - What is considered a passing score on an ATS Online Interactive Course final exam?

ATS Online doesn’t have a set passing percentage for the final exam. The passing percentage will be determined by the person in charge of training. They can run a report or pull your transcript to see your final exam score.

Q - How long is my ATS Online certificate good for?

A – ATS Online lists the day the certificate was awarded without an expiration date. We leave that to your SOGs since many departments and their local governments vary on the validation period.

Q - How do I assess my current training status as a learner on ATS Online?

A – You can do so by accessing your transcript in one of two places when you’re logged into your account.

  1.  On your dashboard –
  2.  Or in the menu –

Q - How can ATS training help with my ISO rating?

A – ISO Credit for Multimedia Training

Do Action Training System’s computer-based training products or DVDs, based on NFPA and other industry standards, have ISO approval?

According to the ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) Item 580, the ISO will accept certain types of training presented in a multi-media format. Credit may be given for the use of various training media (such as video, CD-ROM, computer-based-training (CBT), closed circuit or satellite TV, etc.) when the subject material relates to structural firefighting and related topics. The intent is to credit materials that have an educational component, not just viewing materials that are just entertainment in nature.

ISO credit is based on the following criteria:

    1. If the training is done in the context of a company training session whereby members of that company are in attendance, the number of hours credited will be limited to a maximum of 50% of the hours needed as defined in the FSRS. For instance, under Item 580.B Company Training (which has a criteria of 20 hours per member per month for full credit), company training constituting 30 hours of structure firefighting training via a feed from satellite TV over a one month period of time would be eligible for a maximum of 10 hours of credit.
    2. Items eligible for this training include FSRS:
      • Item 580.B Company Training up to 50%
      • Item 580.C Classes for Officers up to 100%
      • Item 580.E New Driver and Operator Training up to 100%
      • Item 580.F Training on Hazardous Materials up to 100%
      • Item 580.G Recruit Training up to 100%

      Training media is an essential part of most recruit training classes, but the foundation of these classes revolve around instructor-guided classes and practical lessons. The ISO does not approve or endorse specific brand-name products, but there’s no reason why fire departments using multimedia products to train firefighters under the guidelines mentioned above should not receive credit in the FSRS.

Q - Where can I download your latest catalog?

A – You may download our latest catalog here.

Q - How does ATS shipping work?


Action Training Systems standard shipping rates apply to all US orders in the 48 contiguous states and ship via UPS Ground**.

Canadian orders will ship via UPS Standard.

Alaska and Hawaii orders ship via USPS (Priority).

**For shipping rates outside the 48 contiguous states, call for a quote: 1-360-394-4270 or 1-800-755-1440.


For orders requiring overnight, 2-day, 3-day or other priority shipping, actual shipping and handling fees will be charged. Call us for a quote.



All orders going to locations outside the USA & Canada require payment before we will ship.

Acceptable forms of payment:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank Wire-Transfer in US Funds or check drawn on a US bank in US Funds

We will promptly ship your order by an approved air carrier and provide all customs documentation necessary to make receipt of your package as easy as possible.

International orders will be shipped using UPS, Airborne, DHL, Fed Ex, or a carrier of your choice. Actual shipping and handling fees will be charged. Contact us for prices and shipping information.

Q - What kind of warranty do ATS physical products have?


All Action Training Systems produced DVDs are warranted for five years from the date of purchase.

Purchase must be made through an authorized Action Training Systems distributor or directly from Action Training Systems. Warranty is not transferable.

Yes, even if it is your fault. Scratched, broken, defective or burned in a fire such as those pictured above, just send us what’s left and we’ll send you a FREE replacement of that title. The only thing not covered is if you lose it.