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Facilitator Guides

Facilitator Guides are available for select ATS series. It is formatted as a PDF and delivered on a USB flash drive. Guides are designed as a comprehensive tool for presenting ATS courses. These Guides can be used on its own, serving as a class lecture outline, or used in conjunction with the PowerPoint© slides. Instructors can add and customize with agency policies and guidelines.

The Facilitator Guides for each title are about 20-30 pages and include the following:

    • Course Outline for each title in the series
    • Training Objectives
    • Instructor Preparation Information
    • Directions For Participants
    • Referenced text or manuals and their chapters
    • Materials Lists
    • NFPA Correlation Information
    • Discussion Questions
    • Suggested Skills Practice
    • Quizzes & Final Test with questions and answers for each video title
    • Quizzes & Tests
    • Student Handouts

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