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FITS Quiz Generator & Question Banks

  Fire Service trainers and instructors: assemble and print written quizzes for your trainees in minutes instead of hours with this easy-to-use application.  The Quiz Generator gives you tools to efficiently browse through a bank of questions, appropriate questions for your quiz, preview, customize, edit, and print your quiz and answer key.  The Quiz Generator doesn’t come with “built-in” questions- use it to write your own questions, choose from our library of question banks, or both.

Question Banks are for use with the FITS Quiz Generator (Sold Separately).

All FITS Question Banks are developed and reviewed by fire service professionals in compliance with formal test item development standards.  Each question is page referenced to the corresponding textbook.  Question Banks can only be accessed with the FITS Quiz Generator.  (Also available formatted for use with ExamView by Turning Technologies).

FITS Quiz Generator and Question Banks are sold ONLY to Trainers/Instructors operating under the auspices of fire departments and training agencies, not to trainees.

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