CAPCE – 30 Online Courses (EMT/ICP) – 6 Months


6 months learner access to 3 Infection Control & Prevention and 25 Emergency Medical Responder CAPCE E Accredited Interactive Courses


Emergency Medical Technician Courses
Scene Safety & Management
Workforce Safety
Ambulance Operations & Air Medical
Primary Assessment
Secondary Assessment: Medical
Secondary Assessment: Trauma
Airway Management & Artificial Ventilation
Respiratory Compromise
Bleeding Emergencies
Cardiovascular Emergencies
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Behavioral Emergencies
Neurological Emergencies
Diabetic Emergencies
Poisoning Emergencies
Cold & Heat Emergencies
Submersion & Diving Emergencies
Obstetrics & Neonatal Care
Pediatric Emergencies
Geriatric Emergencies
Abdominal Emergencies
Chest Trauma
Head Injuries
Orthopedic Emergencies
Soft Tissue Trauma
Spine Injuries

Infection Control & Prevention Courses
Bloodborne Pathogens
Airborne Pathogens & Other Diseases
Infection Control Practices