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Over 40 years of EMS experience, nearly equal being an educator and an educator of instructors. I have mostly focused on how people learn, not just what. Many online learning platforms fill a niche area. ATS was built for EMS professionals who need to refresh knowledge, renew credentials, and perform cognitive knowledge in a self-paced manner. In that regard, ATS meets what most EMS providers and services are seeking. I have not found issues of late with ATS working on different platforms, and in Alaska, the internet is not always true or stable. Therefore, ATS’s DVDs and PowerPoints work great for rural EMS systems. Equally, they benefit the psychomotor focused classes by allowing students reference to the specific knowledge with the various educational modules by reinforcing the practical steps; works great for blended/flipped learning. I feel strongly that ATS allows students and instructors alike choices to not only what they learn, but how they learn. This is even more reason why ATS is a great value. Thank you ATS for your support for me and others who have technology questions. I appreciate the functions of the backside of the ATS system and its LMS. Students have appreciated the data analysis of their training history. In conclusion, as I exit the EMS profession, I want to extend my appreciation for all individuals who embrace the EMS profession and work to provide quality patient care and a desire to improve their EMS system. Thank you all!

Ron Quinsey, Fire Capt/Paramedic (Ret), EMS Training Mgr – State of Alaska (Ret).