“The Action Training program is extremely comprehensive and as simple and accommodating
as it gets for firefighters and users that need the flexibility to achieve any aspect of training desired.
Very straight forward from logging on to tracking the progress of each firefighter.

As a Fire Chief I personally appreciate viewing our Firefighter progress and at the same
time reviewing topics on a regular basis to refresh my personal knowledge and keep up with
the latest firefighting techniques I may have missed. As each individual may have different goals
in life or the firefighting industry, the Action Training program has been beneficial for my upcoming
goal of Master Firefighter and an extremely valuable tool for identifying and producing those truly
valuable individual leaders, and future leaders, within our department.

We utilized the outstanding Texas Forest Grant opportunity to obtain a thorough Fire
Department Library with the addition of the Online Computer Based training available from Action
Training. I don’t believe there is a better combination or progressive set of individual firefighter
training tools that can be made available to any level of Firefighter.”

Stan Wiggins – Fire Chief, Columbia Lakes VFD, West Columbia, TX