Are you looking for fire grant opportunities in New Mexico?


Apply by September 15th, 2021!


The maximum grant amounts for the following critical needs categories for FY2022 are:

$400,000 –
Facility Construction
Major Facility Improvements
Land Acquisition


$300,000  –

Apparatus and Equipment
A Single Large Infrastructure Project (ie. communications, dedicated fire suppression)
Water Systems


$150,000 –
PPE (structural, wildland, SCBAs, and supporting air systems).
Mobile Communication Systems
Hose and Appliances
Other Critical Needs

$25,000 –
Recruiting and Retention
Stipends and Education*

(*Must submit specifications for the programs along with the identification of a fiscal agent to be responsible for the distribution of the funds.)

Here are a couple of helpful links:

2022 Eligibility


Link to Online Application