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Since 1996 Action Training Systems has been the leader in producing computer-based training courses for the Fire Service Emergency Responders.

  Key Dates for Iluminar Learning Management System Version 1.x Users

        Grandfathered tech support period ended for all ILMS V1.x Users

                            Tech Support no longer available for ILMS V1.x





Instructionally designed Fire, EMS and Emergency Response courses that teach to current, nationally recognized standards, running on the best computer based training system in the business

Customize courses and tests for instructor-led classroom training, self-paced independent student study or deploy in a mobile distance learning environment. The instructional design of ATS courses makes it easier to learn the material than it is to cheat. Engaging hi-resolution video immerses students in the demonstration of job skills and prerequisite knowledge. Students are quizzed as they watch the video. If a question is answered incorrectly, the program stops, backs up and shows the video clip over with the correct answer. Students must answer correctly to move ahead. They can’t continue in the course with a misconception.

Secure logins for each student. Control the use of pre-tests, final exams and customized questions you create to enhance your training results and save time. Let experienced personnel test out of courses when they demonstrate competency by passing pre-tests. Present the same course to rookies without a pre-test so they view all the course material.

Student progress is tracked and recorded automatically into your own database. Reports on all student activity are immediately available. Sensitive training records are securely saved on your own system, not hosted at an outside location. Students interrupted while taking a course can pick up where they left off or start over from the beginning.

“With ILMS, we can assign the class to everybody and it’s easy to track. We run reports to tell us who has and who hasn’t had the training, and we can teach to the entire department without pulling a truck out of station and driving across town to the training facility, so now they can stay in service.”
Steve Bailey – Former Assistant Chief Independence Fire Department

Click here to read the complete article about Independence FD

Network Improvements in ILMS Version 2:

AdministrateIT license is now a floating license Access AdministrateIT from any computer on your network – it goes where you go. Rotating shifts or schedules find you at different workstations? No problem, you can run reports and track students wherever you may be.

Students can begin a course on one workstation and finish it on any other workstation on the network or linked distance learning computer. Great for computer labs or for organizations with personnel that rotate through stations on different shifts.

The course player used by students, LearnIT, can be installed over a network using the new LearnIT installer application. It is no longer required to use the ILMS install CD for each individual LearnIT installation. Cuts install time dramatically for larger organizations.

License management is now shared and fully compatible with the StageIT Emergency Response Simulator. One less application to run on your system.

Easier Administration in ILMS Version 2:

New student import mapping feature simplifies set up allowing the import of groups of students directly from Excel files containing existing student rosters. Larger organizations can now set up their students or add new students in a few minutes.

Easier export of training records in formats accessible by other programs. Prevents the creation of siloes of information that can’t be shared.

Faster and more flexible report generation.

Easy and secure record management. Local database installation insures you always have access to your training records.

Streamlined course set up for administrators provided by the auto-customization of courses feature.

Administrators can now preview courses prior to making them available to students. Customized course instances can be checked and adjusted after review without having to create a new instance.

Improved user interface in ILMS Version 2:

Open tab layout makes navigation more intuitive. Drag-and-Drop functionality makes folder, course and student organization simple. Dockable & floating windows allow you to custom configure your workspace. Work the way that is most efficient for you. The multiple select feature allows group adjustment of course and student properties – a great time saver.

Support for the Newest Operating Systems in ILMS Version 2:

Windows® 7 and Vista 32-Bit and 64-Bit Computers –

All New Distance Learning Option in ILMS Version 2:

A non-network or “disconnected” computer can be used for distance learning. Because this is not a web-based delivery system the student still enjoys high-quality video with immediate feedback response to interactive questions. The full capability of the instructional design that is accessible on a network computer is available to the disconnected machine.

At the same time all the student training records can be merged into the main database for reporting and tracking.

Enables you to incorporate remote station locations in your training environment. Or, develop a laptop lending library of course material to be checked out along with printed manuals and other teaching material.

Makes QUALITY distance learning a viable and affordable option.

Two components are needed to run Action Training Systems (ATS) computer-based training. Course licenses for the ATS course content and software seat licenses for the Iluminar Learning Management System software which runs ATS courses.

Course licenses are listed in all the main training categories on this website as “CBT.” Additional ATS course licenses or “Concurrent Course Licenses”, can be purchased to allow more than one student to access a particular course at the same time.

Software seat licenses for the Iluminar Learning Management System are listed in the category “ILMS SOFTWARE SEAT PRICING”.

Prices listed are the prices for each individual seat. The more seats that are purchased at the same time, the lower the individual seat price.

If you are unsure of the number of software seats you need to meet your training demands, contact us at 1-800-755-1440 ext 3 for assistance.

Or, email us at info@action-training.com.

Click here to access a VIDEO TUTORIAL on the basics of installing and using the Iluminar Learning Management System Version1.x.