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Firefighter Training

Since 1988, Action Training Systems has been the leading producer of training programs for firefighters. Skills demonstrations and training objectives are developed in accordance with current industry standards and are meticulously reviewed by subject matter experts.

ATS programs are proven to significantly increase responder competency and confidence on-scene. These essential instructor tools are excellent companions to the most popular textbooks used in fire education.

The variety of delivery methods makes the training adaptable to classroom use or for distributive learning.

Delivery Formats:

  • Online Interactive Courses for independent student learning and testing
  • Online Streaming Video Library for classroom instruction or independent viewing
  • DVDs for classroom use
  • Customizable PowerPoint© presentations

Additional Instructor Materials include:

  • Facilitator Guides with teaching outlines and tests
  • Question Files for use with FITS testing software to create customizable printed exams

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