8 reasons to use ATS Online Training

Here are 8 reasons to use Online Firefighter Training from Action Training Systems. Oh, Wait! Actually there are many more than 8 reasons, but for now, we’ll focus on these eight: excellent customer support, cost-effectiveness, compliance, flexibility, testing and tracking, an expansive library with engaging visuals, and proven results!


#1  AWESOME SUPPORT – Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes

#2  COMPLIANCE – We All Have Rules To Follow

  • We have organizational accreditation by CAPCE for our online EMS training
  • Courses are also approved by the NREMT for CE
  • Firefighting courses are also recognized for continuing education recertification in many states
  • Content is continually reviewed and updated for compliance with the industry’s most current standards (NFPA, NREMT)

#3  FLEXIBILITY & ACCESSIBILITY – Everyone Likes to Have Options!

  • Online training allows instructors to “Flip the Classroom” or a use a hybrid teaching model
  • We think you should spend less time in the classroom and more time on the training ground!
  • You can access training on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops and desktop computers any time
  • 24/7 accessibility allows users to make-up, complete, or increase their training hours, on their own time and schedule

#4  ENGAGING & WELL DESIGNED –  We Call That Edu-TRAIN-ment!

  • ATS interactive on-line courses are dynamic, high-quality, full-motion, multi-media productions!
  • Professional rescuers demonstrate all skills and techniques – do you see anyone you know?!
  • Instructional design and focused learning objectives help connect and maintain student’s attention
  • Click here to check out a demo!

#5  PROVEN RESULTS – Increase Retention Rates & Test Scores!

  • ATS Online courses confirm understanding using interactive questions and section quizzes while viewing
  • Sorry, you can’t just “play and walk away”!
  • The use of these courses has proven to increase student retention rates and test scores
  • ATS courses increase rescuer skill, confidence, and safety at the scene!
  • That sounds like a WIN-WIN! Check it out!

#6  EXPANSIVE LIBRARY – Wow! That’s A Lot of Courses!

  • Almost 200 titles!Action Training Systems 2020 Catalog of Products
  • We offer a wide variety of emergency response topics to fit all your curriculum needs
    • EMS training: Infection Control & Prevention, Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician
    • Firefighter training: HAZMAT, Rescue, Industrial Fire, Officer Development, Driver/Operator, General Aviation Response, Rapid Intervention, Incident Command, Vehicle Extrication, and more…
  • Instructors and students have access to the courses they need for compliance or recertification
  • We also have a matching curriculum for each and every title in PowerPoint, exams, and streaming video format
  • Want to see our catalog? Click HERE to see all your options!:

#7  COST-EFFECTIVE – Now, Who Doesn’t Like a Good Deal?

  • For example, one year access to our Interactive Fire Catalog is $90 a person for 111 courses!!!
  • Online training is a practical solution that can help you stay within budget and improve firefighter skills, safety, and productivity
  • Courses help align with the resources and time needed for personnel to meet annual training requirements
  • Courses can be taken during a shift, between calls and prior to hands-on training
  • Prevents overtime and costs to attend the in-person training
  • firefighter at training exercise Do you want to save money?

#8  TESTING & TRACKING – This Will Make Your Life Easier!

  • The ATS LMS tracks student progress and completion of assigned tasks, including test scores
  • Certificates of completion are available
  • We can provide reports to organizations such as CAPCE for continuing education credit
  • ATS Online is an effective way to ensure that your personnel and department are compliant with state standards and requirements
  • Helps to maintain or improve department ISO ratings
  • Improves compliance by setting reminders for recertification or CE deadlines
  • We can all use a little help right now, can’t we? Click here!