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A rapid intervention trainingStandard for Training Rapid Intervention Crews

An important safeguard at any fire operation includes the standard use of Rapid Intervention Crews. OSHA first implemented the “two-in/two-out rule to reduce workplace injuries for all types of workers in hazardous environments. NFPA 1407 Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews took the two-in/two-out safety rule further and defined training procedures and skills needed for firefighters to operate as part of a rescue team.


Action Training Systems series: The Basics of Rapid Intervention

Updated & Expanded Series from Action Training Systems – Rapid Intervention

The requirements and skills needed for firefighter rescue training are presented in Action Training Systems’ series, “The Basics of Rapid Intervention”. These high-quality, engaging programs will provide a solid introduction to the key training concepts and job performance requirements as defined by the NFPA 1407 standard.



image from Action Training Systems "The Basics of Rapid Intervention" Training Objectives Based on NFPA 1407 & 1500 For Rapid Intervention

The three titles in the Action Training Systems series are “Rapid Intervention: An Introduction”, “Search & Rescue Operations”, and “Rescue Skills”. The series describes preparedness and predeployment concepts used by a rapid intervention crew on the fireground. Included are best practices in radio communications, MAYDAY activation as well as self-rescue techniques, air management, and the use of thermal imaging cameras.   Demonstrations include techniques for searching using ropes and webbing, different RIC air delivery techniques, rapid moves, drags, and rescues. See a video sample here.


Image from Action Training Systems

Various & Valuable Instructor Resources

Instructors will find “The Basics of Rapid Intervention”  to be an excellent companion to the fire services’ most popular textbooks. Additional instructor tools available for the series include a Facilitators’ Guide with lesson outlines, PowerPoint© presentations, and test banks.


Rapid Intervention Rescue

Training Formats That Meet Your Needs

Several delivery methods are available for all Action Training System’s products including DVDs, Interactive Online Courses, and streaming online media. Want to know more? See why you should include Action Training Systems in your training program!


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