Canadian Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Series


This 26-title series is based on widely accepted EMR protocols and provides competency-based training for Canadian Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) personnel as outlined in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP). These programs present skills-based training that demonstrates assessment and care for a variety of medical and trauma related emergencies.

3 Disc DVD Set
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The Total Run Time of each video (TRT) is indicated in minutes next to each title.

DVD Disk #1 (9 titles)
Scene Safety & Management (TRT 18:08)
Workforce Safety (TRT 24:22)
Primary Patient Assessment (TRT 20:21)
Secondary Patient Assessment (TRT 26:21)
Airway Management (TRT 14:47)
Artificial Ventilation (TRT 16:49)
Respiratory Compromise (TRT 15:15)
Bleeding (TRT 14:28)
Shock (TRT 17:42)

DVD Disk #2 (9 titles)
Cardiovascular (TRT 16:21)
Resuscitation (TRT 15:12)
Behavioral Emergencies (TRT 17:05)
Neurological Emergencies (TRT 19:39)
Head Injuries (TRT 19:42)
Blood Sugar & Dialysis Emergencies (TRT 18:10)
Infectious Diseases & Toxicology (TRT 19:18)
Cold, Heat & Submersion (TRT 22:24)
Obstetrics & Neonatal Care (TRT 25:15)

DVD Disk #3 (8 titles)
Pediatrics (TRT 21:40)
Geriatrics (TRT 16:18)
Trauma Patient Assessment (TRT 18:53)
Abdominal Trauma (TRT 15:57)
Chest & Multi-System Trauma (TRT 15:03)
Soft Tissue Trauma (TRT 23:24)
Orthopedic Injuries (TRT 27:03)
Spine Injuries (TRT 19:42)

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